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Barcelona 7-1 Valencia. Crush Stomp One Foot in the final of the Copa Del Rey

Barcelona 7-1 Valencia. Crush Stomp One Foot in the final of the Copa Del Rey

Barcelona managed to destroy valencia super landslide victory with a score of 7-0 when host Valencia in the first leg semi-finals of the Copa del Rey at Camp Nou.

As usual Barca seen clearly far superior to Valencia in this match. Blaugrana were able to master the game from beginning to end. They can win with ease thanks quattrick Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi hat trick.
Barcelona 7-1 Valencia. Messy, Neymar, Suarez, Copa Del Rey

Barcelona 7-1 Valencia, Suarez, Copa Del Rey

Barcelona 7-1 Valencia. Messy, Suarez, Copa Del Rey

Barcelona superiority managed to dominate the flow of possession. They also directly urging Valencia to endure more since the beginning of the fight. The result was immediately apparent eight minutes after the fight went. Neymar stole the ball from Valencia player in midfield. He immediately pushed forward and then puts the ball on Luis Suarez who was standing unmarked in the left goalpost. Without much control, Suarez took off kick to the far post and scored. 1-0.

Valencia tried to get out of the pressure, but their efforts still useless because Barca class far above them. Gary Neville's upbringing squad was forced to resigned to accept the barrage of attacks from the Catalan club.

In the 12th minute, Barca again successfully scored with a slick teamwork. Busquets sent a hull to Aleix Vidal who surged into the penalty box from the right side. He did not shoot, but immediately give feedback on the attractiveness of Suarez who stood unmarked in the penalty box. Just once kick, goalkeeper Ryan back broken. 2-0.

Barca continuously confine the defense of the guest. And they could have scored again with a great team effort in the 29th minute. Feed Iniesta from the middle forwarded by Neymar into the penalty box. Thanks to the movement of Suarez, Valencia central defender interested in chasing and Messi can be free not guarded. Without difficulty, he can score with a flick of his left foot. 3-0.

In the 47th minute, Shkodran Mustafi forced sent off because he did infringing on Messi in the penalty box. Though he was the last player before the goalkeeper. Barca also got a penalty. Neymar penalty but failed because of the ball on the left pole of the Valencia goal. The first round begins smoothly by Barcelona with a three-goal advantage.

In the second half, Luis Enrique ask that Barca did not relax their attacks on the guest. Valencia was again forced to endure, especially when they only play with 10 players.

Barca could finally scored again in the 58th minute. Feed Turan forwarded by Suarez on Messi in the penalty box. After trick two opposing players, Messi could easily goalkeeper Ryan. 4-0.

Valencia was broke and still eager to attack. They had scored in the 68th minute through Cherysev. But the goal was disallowed because he was in an offside position.

However , it is directly returned by Barca . In the 74th minute , they scored another goal . Messi scored a hat-trick after successfully steal the ball from Parejo in the penalty box .

Barca continued to attack with patience . They can be re- scored in the 83rd minute . This time, turn Suarez is again listed his name on the scoreboard . He also recorded a hat trick as Messi after successfully crossing Adriano 's cross at the far post .

Valencia increasingly gaping wound after in the 88th minute , Suarez Ryan once again found the net after a pass from Turan mature . The Uruguayan scored quattrick .

The goal was to be a cover of the game. Partying Barca 7-0 in the first leg of this . With these results Barca managed to stomp one foot in the final of the Copa del Rey this season .

Barcelona (4-3-3): Ter Stegen; Vidal, Pique (Bartra 61'), Mathieu, Alba; Turan, Busquets, Iniesta (Sergi 46'); Messi, Suarez, Neymar.

Valencia (4-3-3): Ryan; Barragan, Mustafi, Aderlan Santos, Siqueira (Vezo 46'); Barbosa (Feghouli 33'), Parejo, Andre Gomes; Cancelo (Cheryshev 58'), Rodrigo, Gaya.

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